Our approach

As an acknowledged metal separation and recycling business, we use innovative technology combined with traditional methods to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incinerator bottom ash. To excel in our field, we work closely with our customers to provide honest results.

Our way of working

At Dartmouth Global Trading we ensure that all of our suppliers materials are treated independently. This personal approach reflects both what we do – create strong bonds to retain 100% of our suppliers – as well as generating transparent outturns that are based on accurate results. Whether you’re looking for large volume orders or a one-off trial load, our hands-on approach ensures results are guaranteed.


The only UK company with 2 dense media separation plants to treat incinerator bottom ash. Dartmouth Global Trading uses traditional flotation techniques combined with the latest cutting-edge technology to separate metals from bottom ash as fine as <2mm to 80mm.

This is supported by our unique oversized process to manually extract metals from incinerator ash – all separated with a very high degree of accuracy using hand sorting for metals up to 300mm.

Capability and capacity

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and honesty of our results. Such is our confidence in the quality of our processes and outturns, we invite our customer to witness our process of their material.

Our processes for separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals ensure that we not only achieve the most accurate degree of separation resulting in increased recovery of metals, but also reduced waste to landfill.

100% recyclable

As a specialised metal separation and recycling business we are committed to continuous improvements in reducing environmental impacts resulting in 100% recyclable materials.

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